Learn to Surf in 5 Days

Surf School in Bali

Learn to surf in Paradise!

Have you ever dreamt of riding a wave on a surfboard, feeling the ocean moving you forward while watching the sunset? Surfing is so much more than just a sport. Here at Surf School in Bali, we can turn this dream into reality in just five days! You will learn all the ins and outs of surfing and go from land to catching waves with confidence in the ocean!

Your Surf Journey

In only 5 days, you’ll transform from an observer on the beach to a wave-catching surfer. This is what your journey will look like!

On Day 1: Building a strong foundation

Before hitting the waves we start our journey with a theory class covering surf equipment, basic skills, and safety rules. Learn the essential skill of surfing, the pop-up, first on dry land, so that your muscles can start developing some muscle memory. Finally, you will enter the water waist-deep and practice the pop-up!

After your first beach lesson, you will attend a pool session to refresh your pop-up technique and stance, improve your balance and improve your paddle skills.

On Day 2: Confidence & Control

Jump back into the ocean for white-water practice to improve pop-up technique and board control. Understand wave energy for longer rides, refining your surfing style, stability, and control.

On Day 3: Turning Skills

As your skills progress, it is time to learn to master turning the board. In the white water you‘ll learn how to turn the board to the right side and practice trimming techniques for a smooth ride with continuous feedback from your surf guide on how to improve.

On Day 4: Video Analysis

There’s no better way to improve your surfing skills than by practising in the water and reviewing your sessions through videos. That’s why on day 4 your session will be recorded! Improve your skills and identify strengths and areas for improvement in your frontside and backside riding. You will watch the videos together with your surf guide, and he will show you where you excel and how to improve. Afterwards, you will receive your videos!

On Day 5: Advanced Techniques & beyond

Time flies when you are having fun. By Day 5, you’ll be ready to learn more advanced techniques. Master paddling techniques, navigate safely to the lineup, and practice catching green waves under the guidance of our surf guides. Refine your turning and theory skills as you evaluate your readiness for solo surfing.

Beyond the 5 Days

Surfing is a lifelong journey of dedication and continuous learning. While our program makes sure you have a strong foundation, you won’t be a pro after 5 days. There is always room for improvement and the possibilities are endless! Our instructors will be happy to guide you towards your next surfing goals.

Your Perfect Beginner Break

Your safety is our top priority. That’s why our Surf School is located on the beach break of Double Six Beach in Seminyak. This location ticks all the boxes for an ideal beginner’s surf spot:

  1. Gentle Waves: Double Six offers consistent white-water waves, perfect for practising pop-ups, balance, and catching your first rides.
  2. Sandy Bottom: A beach break provides you with a forgiving surface to learn on, minimising the risk of injury if you fall.
  3. Protected Location: The beach break at Double Six offers a more sheltered environment compared to open ocean breaks, and with a lifeguard on the beach it creates a more relaxed learning experience.

Bonus tip: Observe other surfers in the water. If you see a lot of beginners catching waves and having fun, it’s a good indicator that the spot is perfect for learning.

3 Golden Rules for Safe Surfing

While all our experienced surf guides are there to guide you every step of the way, here are 3 golden safety rules to remember:

  1. Know your limits: Don’t venture beyond your comfort zone or skill level.
  2. Be aware of rip currents: Our surf guides will help you check for rip currents before entering the water and teach you how to escape them if necessary.
  3. Surf with a buddy: Never surf alone, especially as a beginner.

Getting to your feet and riding waves for the first time is a memory you will never forget!

What are you waiting for? Safe your spot today and start riding your very first waves!